Raggedy Anne

from by Alex St. Kitts



Written by Alex St. Kitts & KC Roberts


Rageddy Anne, whatever happened to you plans?
You wanted to see the city lights but in the end
You settled for much less, once again

Rageddy Anne, when will you realize this life is not a game?
You pass it by day and night blowing smoke in his face
But don't you ever wonder, who's really being played?

Fight your future like it takes no toll, from this life you think you understand
But what you'll soon realize is down that road, is nothing but what you've put in
So check your pockets for change, maybe those pennies nickels and quarters will be your brand new friends
Rageddy Anne

Rageddy Anne, oh when will you listen to the words that I say
You tell me you'll take the time and learn day after day
But the lesson has passed, class is over and you remain unchanged

How long you think your ideas will hold out?
That smile ain't foolin' me
You've dreamed those bigger dreams right from the start
So why do you admit defeat?
When the clock has not struck twelve
When that giant still awaits atop those clouds

Rageddy Anne, why won't you take a stand?
And be better than who you are, because you can
Rageddy Anne, there's still one grain of sand
But don't you know, that's enough to turn the clock back again
But you can't run away, until you've had your say, and the world must know that you did all you can, Rageddy Anne


from The Projektor, released January 30, 2015
KC Roberts - Guitar
Chino De Villia - Drums
Alex Ernewein - Keys

Max River - Co-Producer
Gabe Gallucci - Engineer

Recorded at Verge Music Lab



all rights reserved


Alex St. Kitts Toronto, Ontario

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